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Eight Common Mistakes Tenants Make

Renting a property is the go-to choice for many people globally, and it's important to approach it carefully to avoid potential pitfalls. Here are eight common mistakes tenants often make, along with tips on how to avoid them:

1. Skipping the Real Estate Agent’s Credentials Check

When searching for a property online, beware of scammers. Verify the agent’s real estate licence and check their credentials on trusted platforms. Always use secure payment methods like Ejar.and check via REGA to see if the broker is licenced.

2. Forgetting to Digitise the Lease

It's important to use the Ejar platform to digitally record your lease. This helps protect you legally and ensures you have clear proof of the terms you've agreed to, reducing the risk of fraud or legal issues. Additionally, having a digital record makes it easier to resolve any disputes that may arise.

3. Poor rent budget planning

Ensure your rent fits within your monthly budget, considering additional costs like furnishings, broker fees, and renters insurance. Factor in the cost of furniture, as well as the fees for brokers and apartment insurance. Including these expenses in your budget will help you avoid financial strain and maintain stability.

4. Relying Solely on Photos, instead of Inspecting the Property

Don’t rely only on photos; inspect the property in person to get an accurate assessment. Check the air conditioning, lighting, and water pressure to ensure they meet your standards. If needed, consult with a real estate expert for additional guidance.

5. Neglecting to Clarify Electricity and Water Costs

Before signing, clarify if electricity and water costs are included in rent or separate. This prevents unexpected expenses and ensures clear financial terms.

6. Failing to Research the Neighborhood

Research the neighbourhood thoroughly. Look for amenities like schools, healthcare facilities, and grocery stores. Choose a safe and convenient location that meets your daily needs, see how far the location of the property to places you visit often like your work and your relatives, a simple google maps analysis should do it

7. Skipping Rent Negotiations

Never skip rent negotiations, rent is a haggle heavy industry, most everyone increases their prices expecting the tenant to negotiate, and always remember that the broker gains more if you do not negotiate as they are paid a commission of the total value.

8. Not Documenting Property Condition Upon Move-in

After moving in, document the property’s condition with photos. This ensures you get your security deposit back and protects your rights in case of disputes with the landlord. Always take a better safe than sorry approach to moving in, even if you did not pay an insurance.