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Renter Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Rize platform is an authorized platform from the Real Estate General Authority, with permit number: 2100000884.
The Rize platform relies on the contracts of the electronic rental platform, unified by the Ministry of Housing, which obliges the property owner and the tenant to sign electronically and conclude a contract subject to the laws and regulations approved in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
You can pay your rent with Rise via your smart device using one of the following options: Through the Rise app using Apple Pay - Through the Rise application using the bank card (Mada - Visa - MasterCard) -Transfer through your bank's application Payment system via your bank application
They are contracts specified with time options according to the lessee's needs within a monthly, semi-annual or annual contract. You can choose the appropriate time period for you according to the details of the housing units displayed in the Rise platform application.

Of course, the main goal of the Rise platform is to facilitate the rental process for users by providing flexible financial solutions that link the landlord and the rental.

Of course, you can apply for the services of the Rise platform for your residential unit through easy steps through the Rize app.
The lease contract is a binding contract for both parties (the property owner and the tenant), according to the terms of the unified contract of the rental platform, that the contract cannot be revoked after contracting except with the consent of the two parties.
Real estate brokerage fees for the Rize platform amount to 2.5% of the total value of the lease contract, as the tenant pays it flexibly with the monthly rental payments.
The value of the insurance ranges between 3,500 - 5,000 Saudi riyals, which are refundable fees to the tenant if the unit is delivered intact from any damages. (The insurance value is mentioned in the details of the housing units offered in the Rize app).
Rize is an authorized platform for documenting unified lease contracts, so all contracts will be documented through it. And in the event that you want to write a contract by another mediator, there is no objection to that.
Rize is a platform specialized in providing financial solutions for: - Rented residential real estate such as: studio - apartment - floor - villa - Rented commercial real estate such as: offices - halls - trade fairs
The Rize platform includes all those wishing to benefit from flexible rental services in all regions of the Kingdom, without exception, from large and small cities.
The Rize platform will be committed to paying the rent in full to the property owner, and in the event that the tenant fails to pay the full amount, the Rise platform will legally claim the dues from the renter.
You can contact us through one of the following options: - The email is - The WhatsApp number designated for customer service Twitter private messages

Landlord Frequently Asked Questions

The service is free for the property owner. It is considered one of the payment options that it offers to the tenant to facilitate the process of renting the property.
The full amount is transferred immediately after documenting the rental contract.
No, the annual contract amount is transferred as a single payment immediately after the contract is documented.
The owner's consent to market real estate on the Rize platform does not conflict with marketing and displaying it on other platforms or channels.
Photographing the unit - Displaying and marketing the property through the platform for free Providing more flexible payment options that suit a large category of tenants - Checking the eligibility of the tenant to ensure less risks in the leasing process.
No, the unified lease contract is considered an executive document, and if conditions are added, it loses its capacity. However, you can request a separate acknowledgment between the landlord and the Rise platform to add the specific conditions, including the signature of the landlord and the tenant.
The Rize platform searches for another tenant, taking into account the requirements of the landlord in terms of choosing tenants.
The contract connects the property owner with Al-Alou Financial Company (Rize platform) And another subcontract between Al-Alou Financial Company (Rize platform) and the lessee
There are no fees for the property owner except for the unified rental contract fee of 125 Saudi riyals only.
Rize undertakes to pay the rent in full to the property owner immediately after documenting the contract, and in the event that the tenant fails to make the monthly payments, the Rise platform takes over the process of claiming the dues from the tenant and re-renting the unit to another tenant.